Charles Hoskinson Voted as “Best CEO” Over Vitalik

Thousands of crypto users recently voted Charle’s Hoskinson as the best CEO. Charles is the founder of IOHK and the Cardano blockchain.
Cardano's Charles Hoskinson

In a recent poll by Jack Levin, crypto community members voted Charles Hoskinson as the best Crypto CEO. Jack Levin is a renowned blockchain architect and the founder of XEN crypto. The crypto genius launched the poll on Twitter to draw opinion from his 400k followers.

The XEN founder asked: “You have unlimited money and can afford the best minds in crypto. Who would you choose to be the ideal CEO for your Project – based on work ethic, planning, ideas, mindset, and execution?”

Jack Levin presented his audience with four influential names in the crypto space: Richard Heart, Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, and Charles Hoskinson. To the surprise of many, Charles Hoskinson gathered much more votes than Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s anonymous creator. The Cardano founder also outshined Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and Hex’s founder Richard Heart. 

What Makes Charles Hoskinson the Ideal CEO?

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of IOHK, a blockchain engineering company famous for stirring blockchain innovations. Charles is also well-known for co-founding Ethereum in its early days and going on to develop the Cardano blockchain.

The Cardano and IOHK founder has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2011. However, it was until 2013 that Charles Hoskinson got professionally involved in the crypto ecosystem. The blockchain geek created a course on Bitcoin in 2013, which got sold to about 80,000 students.

Going forward, Charles Hoskinson has actively developed the Cardano network. The Cardano chain supports Dapps and NFTs, although the blockchain is not the users’ favorite for launching NFT projects.

In 2020, Cardano held a Shelley upgrade. This made the network much more decentralized. Late in 2021, Cardano launched the Alonzo hard fork, ending the Shelley era. Then, in 2022, the Vasil hard fork was completed after a long wait. The Vasil hard fork was tipped as the biggest crypto event in history, second only to the Ethereum merge.

Although Charles Hoskinson and other Cardano leaders have attracted criticism due to delays in implementing upgrades, the ecosystem still seems to thrive. The vote of trust on Charles from tens of thousands in the crypto ecosystem proves this true.

For years, the Cardano blockchain and token have been labeled as one of the “Ethereum killers.” In reality, no altcoin has lived up to that name in the meantime. ADA is currently ranked as the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, while ETH is second only to Bitcoin. Hence, while Charles Hoskinson has won the heart of many crypto users, ETH remains King of alts over ADA.

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