RWA in Crypto- Polymesh, Mantra, Ondo, Polytrade, and Credifi

RWA in Crypto- Polymesh, Mantra, Ondo, Polytrade, and Credifi

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the concept of Real World Assets (RWA) has emerged as a game-changer. RWAs represent tangible assets from the physical world, such as real estate, commodities, or financial instruments, tokenized and represented on the blockchain. 

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This innovative approach can revolutionize traditional finance by increasing liquidity, accessibility, and efficiency. Let’s delve deeper into the world of RWA and explore how platforms like Polymesh, Mantra, Ondo, Polytrade, and Credifi harness their power to reshape the future of finance.

Understanding Real World Assets (RWA)

Real World Assets (RWA) are tangible assets with intrinsic value, ranging from real estate properties and commodities to financial instruments like stocks and bonds. Traditionally, these assets have been illiquid and fragmented, making them inaccessible to many investors. However, blockchain technology has paved the way for the tokenization of these assets, enabling fractional ownership and seamless transferability on a global scale.

Polymesh (POLYX):

Polymesh is a blockchain platform designed to tokenize securities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Unlike traditional blockchains, which prioritize decentralization and anonymity, Polymesh prioritizes compliance and governance, making it suitable for security tokens. 

By leveraging Polymesh, issuers can tokenize real-world assets such as securities, equities, or bonds, ensuring regulatory compliance throughout the asset’s entire lifecycle. This approach opens up new opportunities for investors to access traditional investment avenues securely and competently.

Mantra (OM):

Mantra is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that enables users to stake assets and earn rewards. In addition to traditional cryptocurrencies, Mantra incorporates Real World Assets into its ecosystem, exposing users to traditional investment markets. 

By tokenizing real-world assets such as real estate or commodities, Mantra expands the range of investment options available to users while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology, such as transparency, security, and efficiency. This approach democratizes access to traditional investment avenues and enables users to diversify their investment portfolios in a decentralized and permissionless manner.


Ondo is a decentralized lending platform that facilitates borrowing and lending against Real World Assets (RWA). By collateralizing physical assets such as real estate or art, users can access liquidity without liquidating their holdings, unlocking the value of their assets while retaining ownership. 

Ondo provides a transparent and efficient platform for borrowers and lenders to interact, utilizing blockchain technology to streamline the lending process and mitigate counterparty risk. This approach enables users to unlock the value of their real-world assets while accessing liquidity for various purposes, such as investment, business expansion, or personal finance.

Polytrade (TRADE):

Polytrade is a blockchain-powered marketplace for trading Real World Assets (RWA), providing a transparent and efficient platform for buying, selling, and exchanging tokenized assets. By digitizing assets and automating transactions, Polytrade streamlines the process of trading real-world assets, reducing friction and increasing market efficiency. 

Polytrade leverages blockchain technology to provide immutable ownership records, transparent transaction histories, and automated settlement, ensuring trust and security throughout the trading process. This approach democratizes access to traditional asset markets, enabling investors of all sizes to participate in trading real-world assets transparently and efficiently.

Credifi (CREDI):

Credifi is a decentralized credit scoring platform that utilizes blockchain technology to assess the creditworthiness of individuals and entities. By incorporating RWA into its credit scoring model, Credifi provides a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of borrowers’ financial profiles. 

This approach enables lenders to make informed decisions based on objective data, reducing the risk of default and improving access to credit for borrowers. Credifi leverages blockchain technology to provide transparent and verifiable credit scores, empowering individuals and businesses to access financial services in traditional and decentralized finance markets.


Real World Assets (RWA) represent a paradigm shift in the crypto industry, enabling the tokenizing of tangible assets and unlocking new opportunities for investment, liquidity, and financial innovation. 

Platforms like Polymesh, Mantra, Ondo, Polytrade, and Credifi are at the forefront of this revolution, bridging the gap between the real world and the digital realm and reshaping the future of finance as we know it. 

As the adoption of RWA grows, we expect to see even greater integration between traditional finance and blockchain technology, unlocking unprecedented value for investors and users alike.

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