DeGods NFT Becomes the Latest Project to Join the Bitcoin NFT Trend

DeGods NFT Becomes the Latest Project to Join the Bitcoin NFT Train

DeGods NFT project has announced its intentions to join the Bitcoin ordinals trend. The famous project will onboard 535 DeGods NFTs on the Bitcoin network today, 17th March. DeGods is now the latest NFT project to utilize the Bitcoin ordinals protocol, following Cryptopunks, which integrated some of its NFTs into Bitcoin ordinals a few weeks ago.

The DeGods Bitcoin NFT will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The team also announced the number of NFTs to be distributed and in what order. The first minting event will have 500 DeGods NFTs. Following that, users can get another 34 unique non-fungible DeGods tokens via an auction or raffle draw. There will also be an auction to sell the first minted DeGods NFT. 

Participation is open to all, but users need a non-custodial wallet and a minimum balance of 0.444 BTC to mint the NFT. The DeGods team will utilize the $DUST token during the second-batch auction or raffle draw. Notably, no $DUST would be burned, and the team plans to donate all the proceeds to the DUST decentralized autonomous organization.

DeGods NFT x Y00ts to Abandon Solana

The DeGods NFT project kicked off in 2021 on the Solana blockchain. The DeGods team went further to onboard the Y00ts project, becoming Solana’s most famous NFT project. However, late in 2022, DeGods x Y00ts faced a roadblock.

Solana’s ecosystem was crumbling, with the FTX collapse playing a significant role in Solana’s crash. The general NFT market had tumbled, and Solana NFTs were even further down. All hopes seemed lost for the Solana ecosystem as its native token lost more than 50% in November 2022.

Due to the negativities surrounding the Solana ecosystem, DeGods and Y00ts announced that they would be leaving Solana to build on a different ecosystem. DeGods has eyes on Bitcoin, and Y00ts intends to migrate to the Polygon network. With the rise in popularity of Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs, DeGods NFT fans may be in for a significant revolution.

Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs – The Future or Just a Passing Wind?

Frank Rohun, DeGods NFT project co-founder, said, “Bitcoin is the crypto industry’s best brand or blockchain network.” Rohun further described Bitcoin as “sound money.” The NFT expert admitted that the project’s decision to align itself with the largest blockchain network is prudent. Since its inception, Bitcoin has ruled the crypto ecosystem and has recently gained a utility boost.

In the past, the NFTs were only associated with the Ethereum network, the Solana blockchain, and a few other chains. Initially, the Bitcoin network was not built to support non-fungible token standards. However, Casey Rodarmor took Bitcoin further up the hills when he launched the Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol in January 2023.

The protocol allows web3 users to inscribe digital content on the Bitcoin blockchain. Since Rodarmor’s exceptional blockchain innovation, numerous NFT projects have experimented with Bitcoin NFTs.

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