What is zkSync – How To Be Eligible For $20,000 zkSync Airdrop

zkSync airdrop
What is zkSync – How To Be Eligible For $20,000 zkSync Airdrop

zkSync airdrop has created a huge buzz and hype in the crypto space after the many wallets eligible for Arbitrum token (ARB) airdrop were all rewarded with thousands of free dollars as a result of their interaction and contributing to the Arbitrum network. 

This has led to so much speculation that the zkSync airdrop will be much bigger than Arbitrum and Optimism (OP). 

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What is zkSync

zkSync is a layer 2 blockchain technology that aims to solve scalability and privacy problems facing the Ethereum network using an improved architecture called Zero-knowledge proofs (ZK Rollups) while ensuring decentralization and security is maintained.

It is intended to scale Ethereum’s fundamental principles while releasing the full potential of trustless blockchain technology. The Ethereum Foundation provided the initial funding for zkSync, which has already supported over 14 million high-speed transfers.

zkSync uses the rollup solution adopted by Arbitrum and Optimism to solve the problem of congestion the Ethereum network has faced in the past years. Transactions are batched and sent for confirmation and validation on the Ethereum network, making transaction speed faster at a low gas fee.

Advantages of zkSync  

  • Faster transactions 
  • Low gas fees

Disadvantage of zkSync 

  • Slow withdrawal speed

What Is zkSync Token

zkSync token is the official community token which will be ZKS as this token will give many the power to vote as it will serve as a governance token and can be used for payment on the zkSync network.

When Is zkSync Airdrop, How To Be Eligible?

There is no fit date for zkSync airdrop, but to be eligible when the date of this token airdrop is announced, one needs to take part in a task performed on the network. Here is a link to a task to perform. 

How To Add zkSync Network To Metamask

To add zkSync network to your metamask, you can use the link to customize the network to your metamask wallet.

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