What Is Aptos? A New Layer 1 Paradigm That Has Won So Many Over

What Is Aptos? A New Layer 1 Paradigm That Has Won So Many Over

The internet age continues to see some evolutionary growth from social media, messaging, finance, identity verification, gaming, and video streaming, but these services are all provided by centralized organizations that influence the control of user data. 

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With the help of cloud infrastructures developed over the years, these companies optimized solutions for use cases. This has resulted in the need to provide optimum solutions to billions of humans and the need to scale these solutions becoming a worry for many individuals and companies. 

To combat this issue of users placing so much trust in centralized organizations to control data, a new internet age was born in web3. The emergence of blockchain is to provide a decentralized, immutable ledger that enables users to interact securely with one another without the interference of a centralized entity. 

Despite the adoption and advanced growth in the blockchain industry, a blockchain still has struggled to remain reliable, has low throughput with high transaction fees, and needs to be more secure. 

Let us dive more into Aptos, a decentralized layer 1 solution that provides a more scalable and secure solution on the blockchain.

What Is Aptos And How Does It Work

Aptos is a layer blockchain technology that uses the rust-based move programming language to proffer solutions on the blockchain, with its ideas focused on scalability, reliability, security, and usability at a low cost.

With its first launch in October of 2022, this blockchain technology has generated a lot of hype because of its history in the past, as its blockchain is based on the Diem blockchain initiative that was at some time abandoned. Trying to build on the goals set forth by Diem, it aims to make crypto more accessible for many.

This project has the huge backing of Aptos labs as the team behind it, with a diverse team of engineers and developers spearheaded by its co-founders of, Avery Ching and Mo Shaikh.

Aptos Labs is the team behind the Aptos project. They currently lead a diverse team of developers, engineers, and strategists headed by co-founders Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching. With huge experience in scaling products, Aptos Labs have been able to raise over $350 fundraised to launch its testnet and run thousands of successful nodes.

Aptos has been designed to compete with other blockchains like Solana with its ability to produce a throughput of 160,000 transactions per second (TPS) while maintaining high reliability on its security. 

Aptos uses the Block-STM technology, move custom programming language, and the Byzantine fault tolerant (BTF) consensus protocol to enable the blockchain to run in parallel, making its solution to the blockchain white remarkable. 

Its unique architecture, huge community backing, and a range of experiences from Aptos labs these set Aptos blockchain apart from its layer 1 competitor.

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