Top 5 AI Altcoins To Accumulate For Bull Run

AI Tokens
Top 5 AI Altcoins To Accumulate For Bull Run

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has continued to have breakthroughs and would affect how we live and do things. With the power artificial intelligence systems have, it possesses the power to revolutionize how business, financial and social lives are affected. 

The rate at which AI technologies are being adopted, including the world of crypto, is here to stay; although in its early stage, but feels like it has been in use for virtually every facet of life as many continue to explore the endless possibilities that come with using these technologies. 

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The growth of artificial intelligence has been exponential in recent years, and its impact on the blockchain industry is a matter of time as some projects continue to explore the possibilities of this technology in the crypto space. 

With Microsoft becoming more interested in artificial intelligence after its investment of $10 Billion in OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT, the trend of AI has become ever more bullish than ever, including the crypto space. 

Considering the potential of ChatGPT, there is a high possibility of artificial intelligence systems directly impacting the blockchain through investment, trading, and spending of crypto-related assets.

Let us discuss some great AI tokens and their uses in crypto.

What Are AI Tokens

To power AI-related projects, apps, and services, such as decentralized AI marketplaces, portfolio management powered by AI, predictions, image generation, pathfinding, autonomous organizations, and more, there are cryptocurrencies known as AI tokens used to achieve this. These tokens may grant owners governance rights or be required to complete transactions on the AI platform. 

Let us dive more into examples of these tokens.

SingularityNET: Decentralized AI Marketplaces

This is an open-sourced, decentralized AI marketplace where people can buy and sell services and products related to Artificial Intelligence in a decentralized way, using AGIX, its native token, as the main form of payment. 

SingularityNet was created in 2017, with its main goal being to create a decentralized environment to buy and sell services related to Artificial Intelligence.

Fetch: Tooling And Infrastructure

Fetch is a decentralized platform that provides the tolling and infrastructures needed to build these artificial intelligence systems in a digital economy. The tooling and infrastructures include hardware, software, data, computing resources, and others needed to build a functional Artificial Intelligence tool. 

Services provided by Fetch are paid with its native token called FET.

OCEAN: Private Data For Artificial Intelligence Models

Data privacy has become so valuable in the present age of humanity as this has the potential to improve research, business, and others. Data has become so delicate that having access to and control data has become so difficult.

Ocean Protocol addresses this issue of data privacy by enabling data to be used while still ensuring these data are private and can be controlled. With its launch in 2018, data can be shared and monetized while ensuring its privacy and control. 

With all of these in place, Artificial Intelligence systems can use these data without compromising privacy and control. 

The utility token used by Ocean Protocol is OCEAN.

Other great Artificial intelligence tokens include;

  • Numerai: Artificial intelligence-based Portfolio Management
  • Oraichain: Oracle Solution for Artificial Intelligence data
  • Alethea: Artificial Intelligence-powered Image Generator
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