Alethea AI Launches, A Blockchain dApp That Functions Like ChatGPT

Alethea AI recently released’s CharacterGPT. is a dApp that enables the seamless creation of AI characters.
Alethea AI Launches CharacterGPT
AI characters created with CharacterGPT on

A few days ago, Alethea AI announced the release of’s CharacterGPT. is a decentralized application that enables the seamless creation of realistic and interactive AI characters.

The creation of was inspired by ChatGPT, an AI chat platform that gained traction late last year. While ChatGPT can be used to generate written content, codes, and even business ideas, was built to generate AI characters.’s CharacterGPT was built for NFT and Web3 enthusiasts. The dApp was launched on the Polygon network and would enable artists to create NFT avatars. With just a few text prompts, users, can sketch 3D and animated characters. CharacterGPT further allows users to collect and customize generated characters.

Following the introduction of CharacterGPT, Alethea created an AI art of Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of the Polygon network. The digital art was quickly turned into a 1/1 NFT collectible, with Alethea AI revealing the collection was created with Sandeep’s consent.

What Makes CharacterGPT Unique?

Users can unlock several exciting possibilities on CharacterGPT. The artificial intelligence tool paves the way for users to tap into the web3 ecosystem. Unlike other text-to-character AI tools, characters on the AI platform can be collected and tokenized on the Polygon blockchain.

Users get added benefits from tokenization in the web3 ecosystem. These benefits include decentralized identity and operability, trustless ownership, control over visibility, and customizable intelligence. The creative possibilities with Alethea AI’s new product seem to be endless.

Web3 And AI – A Match Made In Heaven?

In 2021 and 2022, web3 seemed to be the talk of the town. Numerous big web2 companies spent a lot of time and resources testing the web3 waters. The news kept coming in, from collaborations between companies with NFT projects to blockchain adoption. However, towards the end of the year, attention seemed to drift from Web3 to AI.

ChatGPT gained millions of users just a few days after launching, with the AI tool often hosting more visitors than it could handle. In the meantime, artificial intelligence seems to be the next big thing. The adoption of AI tools is on the rise, and this will not stop anytime soon.

Notably, the launch of the Alethea dApp on the Polygon blockchain proves that web3 users can harness the power of AI effectively. Web3 users can expect more AI-generated PFP, NFT art, and digital collectibles to flood the NFT ecosystem in the coming weeks. In the meantime, Alethea AI will continue with intensive research and development procedures to improve the user experience for its newly developed Polygon dApp.

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