Top 3 Altcoins to Pay Attention in DeFi Rally – AAVE, CRV, MKR

Top 3 altcoins
Top 3 Altcoins to Pay Attention in DeFi Rally – AAVE, CRV, MKR
  • MKR as a top 3 altcoin faces key resistance as price eyes $1,500
  • AAVE price stalls as BTC Fear to Greed index hits over 60 mark
  • CRV could rally to $1 as the price holds above $0.8 as BTC moves in a range

The crypto market has seen many major players such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and these top 3 altcoins – MKR, AAVE, and CRV have shown much strength despite different speculation in recent times of price retracing after major price rallies.

The past few weeks have seen the like of DeFi tokens rally with much price action as the like of Maker DAO (MKR) rallied from $650 to a high of $1,070 as the price faces key resistance to flip into support with a high possibility of rallying to $1,500.

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The likes of Aave (AAVE) and Curve DAO (CRV) have not been left behind as they have all shown tremendous strength to rally higher prices. 

Here are speculative ideas for the top 3 altcoins mentioned above;

Top 3 Altcoins – Maker DAO (MKR) Price Analysis 

Maker DAO is part of the defi crypto list that has performed extremely well in the past and can be added as the best defi crypto amongst others and has shown much resilience in the face of a tough bear run.

The price of MKR has seen its price drop from $6,300 to a low of $600 as the price has formed strong support, holding above this low as it aims to rally higher if the market conditions remain favorable for this token.

The price of MKR has rallied from $650 in recent times to a high of $1,000 as most DeFi tokens continue to rampage. The price could rally above $1,200 and towards a high of $1,500 if the resistance of $1,200 is flipped into support.

AAVE Price Analysis For July 5, 2023

AAVEUSDT Price Chart | Source:

AAVE as a top 3 altcoins had its price shown much strength breaking out from its falling channel as the price retested a key level of $60 before rallying to a high of $77.

The price of AAVE needs to break and hold above $83 to have much chance of rallying to $90-$115. If the price of AAVE fails to break above $83, we could see the price stalling without making much progress in its price rally. 

Curve DAO (CRV) Price Analysis For July 5, 2023

CRVUSDT Price Chart For Today | Source:

The price of CRV as a top 3 altcoin with DeFi potential dropped to a low of $0.55 and formed a good support bouncing off this region to a high of $0.8 as the price formed an ascending triangle to break and hold above $0.8.

CRV’s price at $0.8 is crucial for the price to maintain its rally to $0.88 and possibly $1. A break below $0.8 could signal weakness in price rallies and, as such, be regarded as a dead cat bounce. 

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