PEPE Memecoin Rallies 8,000% – Turns $1,000 Into $100,000

PEPE memecoin
PEPE Memecoin Rallies 8,000% – Turns $1,000 Into $100,000

The most talked about crypto token in the past 24hrs is the rise of PEPE memecoin aimed at dethroning the likes of SHIBA Inu and Dogecoin as there has been much hype around this token with many praising how big and vibrant its community and project will become as it has rewarded earning traders and investors with a huge amount of money as many cashed out from their early investment. 

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PEPE memecoin has skyrocketed by over 8,000% in the last 24hrs as many traders are looking for more special memecoins that could reward their effort considering how tough the crypto bear market has been in the past one and a half years for most crypto traders and investors.

Can Pepe memecoin (PEPE) reach $1?

PEPE has a huge potential to cancel a few zeros of two to four zeros but it becomes extremely tough for this memecoin to reach $1 with the hype around this token we could still see more people cashing out on this one.

Is PEPE A Good Investment

PEPE memecoin has become a big player in the crypto space for the past day now considering its innovative idea and backing from the community, investors, and listing on major exchanges. This memecoin could give the likes of DOGE, SHIBA, and others a run for their money now as many traders are jumping on this wagon but we can’t say for certain if this will be short-lived.

PEPE Coin Price Prediction Today

PEPE Price Chart | Source:

The price of PEPE memecoin has shown great price action in the last 24hrs as the price rallied by over 8,000%. If the hype around this token is preserved for a considerable time we could see the price rallying higher by over 10,000% as many would love to make a few bucks from this trade.

Where To Buy PEPE

  • To buy PEPE ensure you have a Metamask wallet or set up one here if you do not have
  • Go to Coingecko or Coinmarketcap to obtain the correct token address
  • Head over to Unisawp V3 to make your purchase after sending Ethereum to your wallet using the Ethereum network
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