BitBoy Batters More Light in Mexico Night Fight as Memecoin Rally

BitBoy Batters More Light in Mexico Night Fight as Memecoin Rally

Crypto influencer Ben Bitboy Armstrong faced memecoin developer More Light in a ring contest in February 2024. 

Karate Combat, a combat sports company in Mexico, organized the fight. While the fight was exhilarating, as both fighters were well-matched, something else attracted the attention of crypto community members. Before and after the brawl, Ben (BEN) and HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (BITCOIN), the memecoin associated with both parties, were affected.

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In an interview with Cointelegraph, More Light said the fight was a spur-of-the-moment decision. He also included that he only casually told Karate combat that he would readily step in if Bitboy’s opponent couldn’t compete. When he made the random offer, the fight was only four to five weeks away; therefore, he had not been training, only relaxing. 

Bitboy’s Unexpected Victory Against the Odds 

Even though  More Light was not in as good fighting shape as Bitboy, due to his lack of physical training at the time, he was the preferred choice to win. According to pre-fight data from Polymarket, a decentralized betting platform, 62% of bets were in his favor. 

Nevertheless, to everyone’s surprise, Armstrong beat his opponent in the ring after three two-minute rounds of intense fighting. More Light explains that he was taken aback by his opponent’s powerful swings and aggressive facial expressions.

However, both fighters share no real-life hatred against each other, according to More Light, who said, “Armstrong is a good guy (Bitboy)”. But the contest has received a mixed reaction from some crypto community members, with some showing complete disapproval of the bout. 

Others like TheFlowHorse took to their X page to criticize Armstrong for his win, sarcastically saying defeating an opponent in a karate ring is not worth respect. 

Memecoins Unexpected Price Movement 

After Bitboy defeated his opponent in the ring, the memecoin linked to him, Ben (BEN), immediately skyrocketed by over 87%. Its price also leaped from $0.000004 to 0.000007 within 6 hours. 

However, according to the CoinmarketCap asset tracking platform, the coin has dropped to $0.0000005. At the moment, Ben ranks 30000th in the crypto market, with a $2.32 billion market cap and an over $258,000 24-hour trading volume.  

On the other hand, BITCOIN, linked to More Light, experienced a sharp price drop following his defeat. It fell by over 20% in four hours, dropping from $0.052 to $0.040. But currently, it has rebounded by over 40%, rising to $0.056, according to CoinMarketCap. 

More Light’s Memecoin, like all memecoins, was created as a joke around pop cultures, memes, or other cryptocurrencies. However, his memecoin was a joke on Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the industry. Its ticker symbol shares the same name as the token. 

While BITCOIN seems to be on the rise after recovering from its brief decline due to More Light’s defeat, it is uncertain how this token will turn out. Volatility continues to be a driving factor in the price movement of most assets in the industry. Therefore, before investing, always do your research.

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